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Welcome to our custom virtual credit card generator app! You can create, test and verify virtual credit card numbers (including CVV, Name, Address, ZIP, PIN) according to an unlimited number of countries, banks and card type through our application.

American Express

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All numbers generated in the system are performed according to the Lhun algorithm (Mod10) with BIN code. Luhn is simply a mathematical algorithm used to check the accuracy of numerical expressions such as credit cards. This algorithm is also called "mod 10 algorithm". A simple series of mathematical operations determines whether the data is a suitable credit card number. If the credit card number is suitable, the next steps can be taken.

** The Lhun algorithm only provides a pattern that indicates whether the numeric expression entered is a suitable credit card number. If the credit card number entered by the client is correct, it only indicates that the number can be verified with a globally accepted algorithm. However, checking the validity period of the entered credit card number, the name of the cardholder and other criteria such as CVV2 is a completely separate process.

How does the algorithm work?

  1. First, starting from the second right digit of the credit card number, proceed to the left, respectively. (While writing the code, we can start from the second digit from the left and skip it in twos.) When skipping two by two, each digit is calculated twice. If there are values ​​of 10 or greater than 10, their digits are added together and a total value is obtained by adding values ​​less than 10.
  2. Then, the digits other than the doubled digits are handled and these digits are added together to obtain a total value.
  3. Finally, the sum of the totals in the 1st and 2nd operations is taken and it is checked whether the result is divisible by 10 (in other words, whether mod 10 is zero). If it is exactly divisible by 10, this sequence of numbers is a credit card number. Let's take a sample 16-digit number string to understand the situation better.

Here, you can see how the 5578 2920 6032 2610 number sequence can be determined according to the Lhun algorithm if it is a valid credit card number. Note that the string of numbers does not represent a valid credit card number, as the result is not exactly divisible by 10. You can try the above algorithm on the credit cards you have and examine the results.

It should be noted that there are various types of credit cards used around the world. For example, master card, visa. They also have their own set of number sequence rules. For example, the first two digits of the credit card number of a master card must be 55 or 50. This is a sign that the card is a master card.

Disclaimer for Our App

All datas, cc numbers, personal and address details, postal coded, e-mails and all other information created here are not real, they are completely randomly generated by algorithm! It is not used in any real payment transaction. Responsibility belongs to the user.