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With credit card generator tool (version 2020), generate random virtual credit card numbers for testing and simulation purposes. All data is generated randomly and provides a valid card information according to the luhn algorithm. You can use fake cards in payment pages like PayPal sandbox, third party api applications, android, ios and online payment channels.

What is the "Luhn Validator Algorithm"?

This algorithm, also produced by IBM-based scientist Hans Peter Luhn, is also known as the mod 10 algorithm. All credit card numbers in the world are produced according to an algorithm. Many numbers, such as the IMEI Number and the Canadian Social Security Number, are generated in a similar manner.
You can check whether the credit card numbers of a person entering your website are entered correctly with this algorithm. Because the client side control is faster than working with server-side check, with JavaScript codes, the user can check the client side quickly if there is a mistake in submitting the form and then send it. The Luhn Algorithm is both simple and fast. This algorithm only checks the validity of the credit card number.

Of course, a lot of information is needed about the credit card and this information can only be learned from the bank's server. For example, the credit card number may be valid but the credit card limit of the person has expired, or the credit card number is valid but the customer has canceled. Therefore, it is not correct to use this algorithm in a situation that requires 100% credit card approval, it should only be used for validation.

The operating principle of the Luhn algorithm is as follows;
Our sample card number is 4242-4242-4242-4242.
We will carry out our control in 3 steps.
First step:
Double-digit figures are collected. For 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 16
Second step:
We multiply the odd digits by 2 and collect their digits. For 4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4 4x2 = 8> 8 4x2 = 8> 8 4x2 = 8> 8 4x2 = 8> 8 4x2 = 8> 8 4x2 = 8> 8 4x2 = 8> 8 4x2 = 8> 8 In this example, the result is only one digit, so we only get 8. 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 + 8 = 64
Step three:
We collect two sum results together. If the result is a solid of 10, that is, if mod10 is zero, the credit card number is valid. 16 + 64 = 80 (the card number is valid as it is the exact number of 10)

Tips for you: "How to ensure credit card security?"

Ensuring the security of salary card and credit card information, which is an indispensable tool of our daily lives, is a very important issue. ATMs, POS devices, internet, etc. are just a few of the points we use these cards. So what are the easiest ways to protect these cards?

How Do I Protect My Password? Anyway, the key to your house is your cards' password. Therefore, you should set passwords that cannot be easily guessed. Stay away from passwords such as birth date, date of set up of your team. You should not show anybody when entering your password to ATM and POS devices and you should also pay attention to ATM fraud (camera systems). When creating your password for online transactions, it is useful to specify both letters and digits.

ATM Card Received, What Should I Do?
You must call the call center of the relevant bank and close the card to use before leaving the cash machine. In the meantime, we recommend that you stay closed to outside offers because there is no one who can help other than the bank staff.

What should I pay attention to when entering my card information on the Internet?
You should make sure that the site receives your information such as from a "https" linked page. There should also be a security certificate. You can protect yourself by not relying on companies that don't trust you and don't rely on e-mails or card information or password.

What is the safest way to shop from the Internet?

The best way to shop online is to use a virtual card method. In this way, you only spend as much as you load. You can also follow your expenses on the main card.

You can also activate the 3D payment option. This means that an extra security step is added to your mobile phone with a validation code. Payment will not take place unless you enter the code in your phone. You can contact your bank for this option.

Finally, make sure that the application you are downloading to your smartphone is the application of the official resource. For example, when downloading's application, you should also review the application details and make sure there is no fake software. The information about your accounts and cards may cause serious harm to you. If you are still in possession of a password, stealing or swindling, you should contact your bank directly and then initiate the legal process if necessary.

The easiest measure is to change the passwords at certain intervals and only to shop from the secure network.